Saturday, April 30, 2005

Rainy Day Round Up

-- Tony Osuna had a 'setback' in his rehab. He has a sore elbow. That's not a good sign, especially given his loooooong injury histroy. He'll take some time off, then give it another try later.

-- Tomo Ohka retakes the mound on Tuesday against LA. (The Times says Tuesday, ESPN says Monday) Either way, he'll have to throw more strikes than he has been.

-- MASN signed a deal with Direct TV. So now DTV subscribers can see all the Nats games they care to watch. How that helps fans like me -- young apartment or condo dwellers -- I dunno. It's a step though, I guess.

In the DC region, only games not on UPN-20 will be shown. Outside the DC area, where UPN-20 isn't carried, such as Anne Arundel County, all games will be shown. Good for the Annapolites.

-- Here's everything you want to know about your favorite former Met-turned-Marlin-turned-Yankee, Ed Yarnall. The lefty is stashed in New Orleans, fighting out Joe Horgan for the right to be our second lefty.

Joe Torre hates all rookies and doesn't trust many pitchers. Yarnall had decent potential, but never got a fair shot. He's bounced around the minors and Japan since.

He could still be useful, but primarily as a reliever now. His problem is that his walks are too high and his strikeouts too low. But, that sounds like most of our pitchers anyway.

-- Larry Broadway will be out two weeks or so after spraining his knee tracking down a popup.

-- Tony Armas, who it was decided will stay in the minors a bit longer, and Claudio Vargas both have rehab starts this weekend.


  • Okha's taking the bump tonight, according to one BPG poster (who heard in on NBC-4). Day's got an ear infection or something.

    By Blogger Basil, at 4/30/2005 7:39 PM  

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