Saturday, April 30, 2005

One-Man Wrecking Crew

Once Livan dismissed Navil from the mound, the game went very well for the Nationals. Livan did it all. He pitched. He hit. And he fielded. The baseball equivalent of the ol' Gordie Howe hat trick.

Throw in his slow, stylized saunter around the bases and a pitch that nailed one of the Mets after both teams were warned, and he added a little spark to what's been a pretty mundane team lately. That's a Majority Whip-winning performance if there ever was one.

Jose Guillen, who had his extension picked up earlier in the day, ripped a solo HR.

$4MM for Guillen isn't a bad price, but as I posted on the BPG forum, what's the point in extending him now? What if he goes postal and beats Frank with a bat (the way we want to sometimes), or what Livan sits on him and breaks him?

There are too many variables at this point. I don't see what the rush is. Let him earn it first. And 20 games isn't enough to prove anything (Other than that Guzman sucks.)

Livan threw 156 pitches, or so it seemed like it. (Phew! Only 130!?!?!?!) Lemme repeat that.... 130!?!?!?! Damn.

Cordero came in in the 9th, after some bad defense by Guzman, shocking I know, created a save situation out of thin air. Two outs later, the game was over.

Game time is at 7 tonight. I'll be in my customary seats. Hopefully dodging the rain. Depending on what weather shmuck you listen to it'll either be Sahara-like at first pitch, or we'll be in the midst of a 100-year flood.

Either way, it's torture on the field: The non-strike-throwing Puberty Boy Zach Day, versus the agonizingly slow-delivering non-strike-throwing object-of-mets-fans-fury, Victor "I ain't Carlos" Zambrano. Neither starter sees the 6th, I bet.

Over/Under on combined walks: 8.5. Gentlemen, place your bets.