Friday, January 14, 2005

Havana Pete Update

Eric Fisher has today's news: No new news.
The birth of the Washington Nationals already has been a source of frustration for Angelos, most clearly noted by his solo opposition to the relocation in an owners' vote last month. But the lagging talks have reached a critical stage because without a signed agreement with the Orioles, MLB is unable to sell the Nationals or establish long-term local TV distribution for the club.

The two sides have talked for weeks about an unprecedented package of benefits for Angelos that include guarantees to the Orioles' annual local revenue, future resale value for the franchise and a majority stake in a new regional sports network. But divisions remain on several fundamental areas, including how long the benefits will last and measures to ensure competitive impetus for the Orioles.

Interesting. That's the first time I've seen that last part referenced. And, for me, that would be the key trigger in any deal I'd want MLB to sign. If Jim Beattie is so willing to throw out the Nats-Are-Ruining-Everything card so early in the process, you gotta wonder about how far they'd go if the guarantees in the deal provided them little incentive to try to win.

They'd already have excuses about the Nats and the big, bad Yankees/Sox as reasons why they couldn't compete. Baltimore's press corps would be eager to lap that right up.

In a related story, the Orioles are pretending to compete in the Carlos Delgado sweepstakes. It's looking like the Marlins have the edge so far.

Baltimore has not yet scheduled a meeting with Delgado and has not submitted a second offer for the free agent since a three-year, $30 million initial bid made prior to the winter meetings in mid-December.

On Sunday, Beattie said that the lack of an agreement with Major League Baseball to compensate the Orioles for the presence of the Washington Nationals has hindered Baltimore's pursuit of free agents. Delgado is seeking a deal of $14 million to $17 million a year, demands that have floored Baltimore officials.

That's the market, Jim. If you want premium talent, sometimes you gotta overpay. If you don't want to overpay, don't whine and blame it on the Nats. And it'd be very delightful if the low-revenue Florida Marlins outbid you too. Then you couldn't whine about the haves and have-nots either. Well, you shouldn't. But I know we'll be hearing more of it coming out of the warehouse anyway.


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