Monday, November 15, 2004

Swan Song

The Nats lost Seung Song on waivers to the Blue Jays. Our friends to the north, at Batters Box, compiled his minor league numbers. He had a 4.00 ERA in 137 innings at AAA Edmonton. I'm not sure specifically about that park, but I know that the PCL, in general, is a hitter's league, so a 4.00 ERA would be very good.

I thought I remember hearing about him breaking his arm last season, which would explain the low IP totals, but I can't find any information on it.

Rotoworld offers a pretty negative assesment of the move, which I think I'd agree with.
Not a great start for Expos GM Jim Bowden. Most organizations could have gotten away with giving up on Song, whose velocity is down from the days in which he was viewed as a top prospect. The Expos aren't most organizations, though. Top to bottom, they have as little talent as any team in the game. Unless Bowden has some very pleasant surprises in store, he's not going to come up with better uses for the final spots on his 40-man roster. Song will probably open next season with Triple-A Syracuse. He's still a potential fourth or fifth starter.

This is a team that should be acquiring players like him, not releasing him. Even if he's a 4th starter, he's cheap and young. And he has an upside. I don't think this will come back to bite us, but you never know sometimes.


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