Thursday, November 11, 2004

On the Rosterfront

We know our payroll:
Two sources, however, said that MLB will almost certainly allow the Expos to spend more than $50 million -- and one said perhaps as much as $55 million -- which would be at least an $8.3 million increase over the team's payroll for the 2004 season.

The article also mentions that the club is interested in Larkin. If he's willing to work for $1MM or so, and wants to be a part-time player, go for it.

MLB reports that the Expos have offered a multi-year deal to Tony Batista, but that the teams are still far apart on money. The rest of the article is depressing--from a sportswriter intelligence level--nothing but praise of Vinny Castilla, RBI, and Jose Guillen. Ugh. This area has one of the highest education levels in the country. Is it too much that our sportswriters learn a little bit about the game, instead of the hoary old things?

And every GM's nightmare, Scott Boras salivates in the Times about the prospects of a new team in DC and its increased payroll.