Thursday, November 11, 2004

Minor Notes

I dug this up on ESPN's site about Larry Broadway. He's one of the key prospects that was brought up to the 40-man roster. This was written before the beginning of last season.
The presence of Johnson means the Expos won't have to rush Broadway. He should begin the year in Double-A, with a promotion to Triple-A in the offing sometime in the second half of the year. His bat will be ready for the major leagues by 2005, though he could get a chance sooner than that if someone gets injured. The question now is defense: finding a place to stick Broadway's bat. He reminds me of Orioles outfielder/first baseman Jay Gibbons, a solid, productive hitter though not quite a star.

He didn't have a particularly great year this year, hitting .270/ .362/ .451, but given the barren nature of our minors, it's a start.