Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fire Rob Dibble

I was never a big fan of the FJM shtick, particularly after the revelations of who they actually were caused all the fanboys to fall all over themselves and suck up to them further. That being said, three words: Rob Dibble Blog.

Baseball is a game where the team that makes the fewest mistakes wins.
Unless all runs are a mistake, this almost certainly isn't true.

After the first three games of the 2010 season, some things have already started to become apparent.
That the Nationals probably suck as much as they have since you came to town?

The veterans brought in this year will change the culture in the Nationals' clubhouse on and off the field.
I hear Pudge makes a hell of a bean dip.  What good is culture if the results are the same?

Just watching how some of the new Nats like Ivan Rodriguez, Adam Kennedy, Jason Marquis, Tyler Walker, Matt Capps and Brian Bruney go about their business is a pleasure.
Yeah, watching Marquis, Bruney and Walker brought nothing but smiles to my face.  And I really liked how Capps struggled through an ultimately successful inning.  Ulcers are fun!

Hard working, determined, and relentless are a few words that come to mind.
Mediocre and stopgap are two more.

I can tell you from speaking to the players, this organization is going in the winning direction. 
Oh.  Yeah, cause talking to the players always yields valuable insights about the direction of the team.  I'm sure players have realistic assessments of their talent level, particularly compared to the opponents they'll be facing.  And I'm sure they're also think outside themselves, strategically about the long-term impact of the team's investment (or lack of) in the farm system and internationally.  Yeah, I'm sure that Brian Bruney's right on top of that.  Hey, did you know he has a ring?  Automatically makes him the team's best player, no?

Wins and losses, of course they matter, but players who truly hate to lose and are willing to do whatever it takes to win are hard to find.
So let's get more scrappy gamers who WANT to win and work hard, even if their talent level blows.  We need a team of (wait for it... you know it's coming...) David Eckstein's at every position.  Sure, they'll probably lose just as much because they couldn't score more than 2 runs per game, but it's not because of the force of their will.  And it's great we've got solid pitchers like Bruney who WANT to win, even as they're walking their fifth straight batter.  It's all up here {points to head, hears hollow sound}

Add to the new additions, Dunn, Zimm, The Hammer, Nyjer, Ian, Wil, Willie, Cristian, the starting rotation and the bullpen, and you get a great group of determined guys.
Those household names really roll off the tongue.  Other than Ian, that's the core group that played last year, no?  Were they not determined last season?  What changed over the offseason?  Does Pudge make them want to be better men?  That's it!  Pudge and Bruny must complete Rob.  Add a few mediocre veterans, and a complacement mediocre team becomes.... non-complacent and mediocre?   Though in fairness, mediocrity would still require a 20-game improvement.

I wish I was still playing because I would love to go into battle every night with this team!
We wish you were still playing so you'd be about as far away from a mic as is possible in that stadium.  Gotta be 600' from the press box to the pen, right?

Respect, that's what you want as a reputation, but you have to earn it.
Sure.  Respect is a noble goal.  But to people admire Albert Pujols because of how hard he works?  Nope.  They admire him because he can hit the sputum out of a baseball.  Do people admire David Esckstein for how hard he works?  Nope.  Unless you count sportswriters as humans.

The Nats now have some players willing to go out and get it done.
When the list you gave us above was essentially the same as last year's list.  Marquis, Bruney and Pudge REALLY make that much of a difference?  They really motivate Zimmerman and Dunn, who both had career years?  Or are you saying that those two weren't willing to do that?  If not, then who?  Name names, instead of this vaguely worded rah-rah character BS.

Just check out the end of yesterday's win. 
Note: does not apply to yesterday's loss

The defense, hustle and heads up plays, together with solid coaching moves are what won that game, and isn't that fun to watch?
Yes.  I'd just prefer to see it more than 25% of the time.  Hell, I'd settle for 40% of the time.  But Pudge and Bruney aren't the reasons.  And the team's new attitude, and the reasons for it, which you haven't successfully identified, probably isn't the reason for the win.  A shitty Kyle Kendrick probably had more to do with it.  If the Nats got to hit off Nats-quality pitching more, the Nats would win more.  I think I just ripped a hole in the vortex of suck there.

Honestly, I can't wait to get to the park here in NY and see what tonight brings.
Care to revise and extend your remarks, Sir?


  • More like fire Desmond.


    Dibble is pretty horrible. Constantly, CONSTANTLY bitching about calls and being such a Nats cheerleader that it borders on sideshow.

    But then again as we all know the sideshow tag can also be attributed to BobC. At times i feel like i'm listening to a couple of minor league announcers call a major league game. Maybe that's because i am.

    By Anonymous Natzzzzzz, at 4/10/2010 2:12 PM  

  • I originally subscribed to XM satellite radio back in 2005 for their baseball game coverage, especially with the Nats coming to my hometown of D.C.. I listened to the Dibble & Kennedy show in the afternoons to see if I could get some insight into the game and the players.

    I stopped listening after giving both those guys more than enough rope to hang themselves, and brother they died a thousand times over. Kennedy drivels on about a bunch of mealy-mouthed touchy-feely stuff. Dibble, as Mr. Needham succinctly puts it, is just a stupid meat-head.

    Even the production staff at XM would rub it in his face by playing little sniglets of Dibble saying something completely nonsensical or mispronouncing the name of the city of Charlotte as "shar-la-TEE". It got worse from there.

    I live in Florida so I would have to fork over a couple hundred dollars to subscribe to the DirecTV baseball package in order to be graced by Dibble's dulcet tones. I chose to forgo that honor this season. My consolation is that Kevin Kennedy is the color guy for the Tampa Bay Rays television broadcasts. Best watched muted.

    By Blogger Bote Man, at 4/10/2010 4:28 PM  

  • Dibble has the I.Q. roughly equivalent to an overripe eggplant rotting in the August sun. Having said that, he's the smartest guy in the booth, and maybe on the entire MASN low-rent staff. Crap is just a babbling Missouri idiot, AAA all the way. I have learned to accept Debbi because I love dumbness in women. The ones who really honk me off are Holladay and Knight, aka the AARP Sunshine Boys. Would somebody please punch this pair's bus ticket back to Florida before their Alzeimer's day care center misses them. MASN is to a serious sports network what Ring Dings are to a nutritiouos diet regimen. Mr. Dibble, your appointment with the Pyschiatric Institute is ready.
    Chris, I love your style here. It's like the StanSpeak translator has been conditioned to process all the Dibble horsehibble. Nicely played, Mauer.

    By Anonymous Sunshine_Bobby_Carpenter_is_Too_Negative_for_Me, at 4/10/2010 9:03 PM  

  • Rob Dibble is horrible. I am a Mets fan who lives in Charlotte, NC and when the Mets play the Nats we have to be subjected to his ignorant homer calls. For a guy who was never part of that organization, he is such a Nats homer, it is ridiculous. Yesterday, he was rooting for Jose Reyes to "round second and pull a hammy". He also accused Reyes of causing his own thyroid condition by going to Canada for blood spinning. He sucks

    By Anonymous Rhinoman, at 4/11/2010 6:13 AM  

  • Being a homer is annoying, but I could live with it if he had anything intelligent to say. What an embarrassment, and this is a perfect example. I'd start collecting Dibble-isms but I might be sick.

    By Blogger Section 222, at 4/11/2010 8:46 AM  

  • Fire Dibble.....rubbish...what a bunch of petulant winer's. He wants to see the team he covers win games...and simply expresses an honest opin. "Borders on a sideshow"....huh?....go watch another team play bone head!!! As a long time DC baseball fan I want a guy who's bias towards the Nats. He has my full support.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/17/2010 11:30 PM  

  • Dibble? I thought it was Dribble...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/21/2010 10:08 PM  

  • Dibble - more like DRIVEL. This guy is really getting on my nerves!
    O.k., he says he's superstitious. Well how about 'jinxing' players by constantly touting their God Like abilities. Next thing I know, they are playing like AA - or worse. Bob Carpenter can barely get a word in. This duo reminds me of Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. I guess Mr. Drivel has never heard 'no one likes a Know-It-All'. Who would ever think in broadcasting 'Shut Your Mouth, Keep Your Job' would make sense. In this economy, I do hope he keeps his job. I would never wish otherwise on anyone.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/24/2010 6:13 AM  

  • I L=O=V=E Rob Dibble!!! Great voice. Tells it like it is -- flows well with Carpenter.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/06/2010 1:58 PM  

  • Man your blogs really suck. Dibble is the best at his craft but he isn't the worst. As for you evaluation of the Nationals, you SUCK at that too. How about waiting til the All-Star break to say they're just as bad as they were last season. Better yet just stop tying. That would be an improvement for all of us.

    By Anonymous Vince, at 6/13/2010 3:22 PM  

  • These last 2 commenters might be as dumb as Rob Dibble. Actually I don't think that's possible. Listening to this blowhard announce along with the ATROCIOUS Bob Carpenter makes me feel terrible for Nats fans.

    During the Strasburg start against Cleveland, these morons wouldn't shut up about how a ball that was caught by an Indians fan IN THE STANDS should have been called fan interference. If you're going to be unabashed homers, can you at least know the rules please?

    I've heard most of the announcing tandems in MLB this year, and the Nats have the worst so far. Although Hawk Harrelson on the White Sox takes the cake for worst individual announcer.

    By Anonymous Gat, at 6/26/2010 12:22 PM  

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