Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So About That Pitcher...

Whatever the hell his name was. Now that we're a day or three removed from it, what'd you think?

Stuff's there. Nobody's going to question that.

But what about his command? Seemed like he was hitting his spots with the breaking ball, when he threw it. But the fastball? Didn't it seem like he was missing the glove? Now you can afford to do that when you're throwing a billion miles per hour; you don't need to be as fine as MATT CHICO!!!!

But... is that something to watch? I sorta vaguely remember the same thing from the UVA game last year. Great command of secondary pitches, but the fastball didn't usually hit the spots. Now he doesn't have bad control. Cause when he needs to, he can lay it in there a bit and still not get hard. But is this something to watch going forward? Might that be the argument the team uses when they send him down? And if they do, is it a bad thing?

Pitching in the majors is sure as hell a lot different than pitching in the minors. Dude's obviously gonna be good. But is he polished yet? Maybe not.

I thought this was an interesting approach to figuring out how he'll do. Figure out what he's likely to do, then reverse engineer his ERA. You'd take 100 innings of 3.75, wouldn't you? For now, at least.


  • Think you were trying a little too hard on this one. Are you seriously taking the fact that he fell behind a few hitters in his FIRST SPRING OUTING to extrapolate that his control is going to be his Achilles heel? Geez. And this from the man who a week or two ago questioned whether there was too much coverage of the Nats. Talk about over-analysis! Let him throw more than 2 spring innings first.

    By Anonymous Jaxpo Nat, at 3/11/2010 12:59 PM  

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