Sunday, March 07, 2010

Matt Chico!!! Matt Chico!!!

The greatest left-hander in franchise history made his spring debut today, and all I can say is "WuhuhuhuhuhOW!" He's back, baby! Chico, who hasn't pitched in the majors since forever ago told reporters/bloggers/blogging-reporters that he was nervous. He pitched two scoreless innings today, which is about 14 more scoreless innings than every other Nats pitcher combined. The dude's a stud, and this is the first step back to his return to superstardom.

Consider this:

In 2007, he started 10 more games than any other Nats' pitcher. He started over 50% more than the number two starter in terms of games pitched -- he's a horse! Only one other starting pitcher had a lower ERA than Chico, which by definition makes him a solid number two pitcher. He tied for the team lead in complete games AND shutouts, so he really knows how to work deep when he needs to. He threw like 50 more innings than any other pitcher on the entire staff. Dude's a horse, a regular Livan. He led the team in strikeouts, showing that he's got pure and filthy major-league stuff. Batters don't dare mess with his filth! No pitcher on the team had fewer balks than him. He's composed.

Add all that up, and there's never been a better left-handed pitcher in franchise history. Dude can do it all!

So when we last left him, he was a CLEAR and EFFECTIVE number two pitcher in the major leagues. And he did it with an injured elbow! Now that he's fully healthy, not only is he going to reassert himself as a number two, but he -- thanks to his youth -- still has a chance to grow. HE VERY WELL could be an ace this season.

I, for one, am THRILLED that Matt Chico, the hidden weapon of Our Washington Nationals is unthought of by many. The longer he hides under the radar, the more he'll surprise when his ace-like stuff rips through the league.

Strasburg's getting all the pub, but he hasn't done crap in pro baseball. Unlike our former number two, Matt Chico.


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