Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Gameday: Fish Stink Underwater

Jason Bergmannnnn gets to play stopper today, going up against Scott "Jimmy" Olsen and the Florida Marlins.

In his last outing, Bergmann pitched well before fading late against a tough lineup. The Fish lineup isn't quite as good, but it's still dangerous. Bergmann is a bit lucky in that it only has two solid left-handed batters (un-DLed -- for another day, at least -- Jeremy Hermida, and Mike Jacobs). Righties always have a harder time with Bergmann's breaking pitches... Although he was quite effective against the lefties in the Phillies' lineup with a quality changeup (a change that puts less stress on his arm than the slurvier pitches.)

Olsen has all the maturity and temperament of a colicky blogger. Olsen's had one good season, one bad one. A left-hander, he relies mostly on a 88-91 fastball, with an ok slider. He'll throw the changeup -- likely his out pitch -- against righties.

He has so-so control, and loves to give up the long ball. If the Nats are patient, and don't chase pitchers' pitches, this could be the night the bats realllly break out.

Watching? Listening? Grumbling along as Johnny Estrada hits into a DP with the bases loaded? Then kibitz along with other disgruntled fans.


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