Sunday, October 21, 2007

Anyone Catch This?

An emailer sent along a story that was apparently on for about 30 seconds. I'm not sure if it's legit and since I have zero journalistic bones in my body, I ain't checkin' it out; you can email Stan for the 'no comment' yourself.

Anyone seen/heard anything? Anyone see this on its limited run on Is someone just pulling my chain, seeing how terribly, terribly low my standards are?

Ordinarily I'd question it a lot more, but 1) that particular writer has yanked a few things off the website (including Soriano's love of a naked Denise Richards) after ticking off the wrong person and 2) it starts out with "It's no secret", which is his favorite throat-clearing phrase, the one all authors turn to and overuse.

The catch is that the 'story' refers to a specific person who a quick google search doesn't actually connect with said company. So who knows. We'll find out eventually, eh?

WASHINGTON -- It's no secret that the Washington Nationals have
been shopping the sponsorship of their new 41,000-seat stadium,
near South Capitol Street and the Navy Yard
in Southeast, to a plethora of major corporations. Could one the
nation's largest defense contractors be line to put its name on
Major League Baseball's newest stadium scheduled to open next
April? According to a source within the Washington Nationals
organization, who wishes to remain anonymous, the Northrop Grumman
Corporation is in final negotiations with the Washington Nationals
for an exclusive 20-year, multifaceted strategic marketing and
partnership that includes naming rights. The fully integrated
partnership purportedly includes, for Northrop Grumman, brand and
business unit presence throughout the new ballpark; rights to the
and new ballpark marks; the launch of community outreach
initiatives; and the
development of international business opportunities in sports and

It goes on with standard boilerplate and with a quote from that aforementioned goober (which is another part of it that doesn't quite pass the smell test; I'm not sure there'd be a quote from someone, even prospectively looking ahead.)

Eh. Whatever.


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