Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Got Any Brisket Questions?

Late to the party, but the official Team President of this blog (since Dan Topping) Stan Kasten is chatting with the masses at You'll have to log in and give up your first born to Selig's heirs to see it. I'll be back with some of the good stuff when it's over.

  • Does this link work without logging in? If so, click 'chat log'.

  • Wow. A new low. I haven't seen questions that insipid since the last "Small Wonder" convention I attended.

    I'm patiently feeding the answers into my computer as we speak. It'll take it a while to crunch all the data, but the StanSpeak Translator should be online in a few hours.


    • If Vicki had an emergency shutoff button on the top of her noggin, why then in episode #14 was she able to head a soccer ball clearly off the same spot?! I hope someone got fired for that.

      By Blogger Harper, at 1/31/2007 3:56 PM  

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