Monday, August 07, 2006

Wayne Krivsky Can Go To Hell

The Reds put Gary Majewski on the DL today, and started to raise a stink about the Nationals hiding medical information on Majewski from them. They're idiots.
Before learning the results of Majewski's MRI exam, Reds General Manager Wayne Krivsky indicated the Reds were exploring their options for recourse, in case it could be proven the Nationals had hidden Majewski's injury.

"We're going to look at the MRI, then go through the proper channels and use the proper protocol," he told reporters. Asked whether the Reds had checked out Majewski's health before the trade, Krivsky said the team's medical staff had exchanged information with their Nationals' counterparts.

However, after learning the results of the MRI exam, Krivsky backed down. "I'm not going to talk about anything that was done before the trade, what was said, what wasn't said, what was exchanged, and all that," he said.

If Krivsky didn't realize that Majewski might've been overworked, he's a fool, and his scouts should be fired. Further, if he didn't realize that Majewski had arm trouble then, well, I guess he's a fool too.

This wasn't a state secret.

The incomparable Bill Ladson reported it on 5/7/06.

Don't trust Bill Ladson? Fine. How about Barry Svrluga and the Washington Post? The Post even helpfully bolded and made a subheadline of "Majewski Has Tendinitis" to make it easy for people with ADD. Krivsky, who's a busy man, no doubt, wouldn't even have to read the whole feckin' thing!

If that wasn't enough, Krivsky and his crack staff could've asked Majewski himself. He wasn't shy talking about it in this piece he coughwrotecough himself.

The trade isn't popular, and the complete implosion of Gary Majewski makes it look even worse. It seems like this is as much an attempt to deflect some of the attention and responsibility on that to Cinci's old whipping boy, Jim Bowden. "Golly, that leather-panted Huckster cheated us again!" (And on this Red Reporter thread, some of them are falling for it.)

Screw that.

This wasn't a deadline deal made with 10 minutes to spare. There was plenty of time for a full evaluation, and for some hack intern in his staff to run a cursory google search. Ignorance doesn't excuse incompetence.


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