Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More-On Krivsky

Federal Baseball has an interesting take on tendingate.

He points out several things that I wish I had thought of.

First, he observes that Kremchek's comments about Majewski being 'ordered' to hide the injury have been removed from the original Enquirer piece. (And he has an interesting take on how far-fetched those claims were with some made-up dialogue!)

Second, he notes that Kremchek said that, even with knowledge of tendinitis and the shot, that he'd have signed off on the trade and that Krivsky likely would've approved it. Meaning, there wasn't really much damage to the Reds; they were going to take him either way.

And finally, he wraps up with some interesting questions that'll need to be answered before we know what's going on.

Check it out!

  • MLB.com spins Bowden's side of the deal. Bowden, as you'd expect of a horse's ass, sounds incredulous.

  • If they did withhold information about the cortisone shot from the Reds, then there's probably something to it, even if Kremchek seems to have indicated that they might've gone ahead with the trade anyway. I still stand by my claim that the Reds should've done 30 seconds of googling to ask about specific injuries, but that doesn't excuse out and out deception.

    One thing to keep in mind is that this trade was NOT a deadline move. There was plenty of time for research and questions on both sides of the deal. Bowden's point about Majewski going out there 11 times and it being almost a month since the deal are interesting ones. And one thing that's going to need to be shown for a grievance is a connection to the injury he's suffering from now and the rotator cuff problem from earlier this year. All we're hearing now is stuff about a 'tired arm', which anyone who's taken a look at Majewski's workload over the last two years cannot be surprised by.

    For whatever it's worth, here's Majewski's game log. It shows the four games he missed in early May, and how well he was throwing before being traded. He got tagged for three runs in the last game before the trade, but had reeled off 9 straight scoreless appearances. He certainly wasn't showing signs of fatigue or tendinitis with the Nats. (Thanks to the shot, I guess -- although it's not clear when he actually received it.)

  • More later as more stories come in....


    • *sigh*... We would NOT have gone through with the trade had we known about the injury. What Krapchek is saying is that a MRI would NOT have revealed the injury and that running an MRI on Majewski wouldn't have changed a thing.

      The only way for the Reds to learn of the injury is from the Nats - WHO LIED...

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/08/2006 10:53 PM  

    • Or by doing research... but apparently that's hard. ;)

      Your point about Kremchek's comments is likely right. But it's worded poorly in the story.

      He was certainly pitching OK for the Nats with the tendinitis. That's something that's treatable; it's basically synonymous for 'fatigue'.

      But, yes, your point is probably the correct interpretation.

      By Blogger Chris Needham, at 8/08/2006 10:55 PM  

    • Who do I trust?

      Krivsky who is a pretty well liked baseball man.

      Kremcheck who is employed by everyone and their brother

      Bowden who is basically the most slimey GM in baseball and has already pulled this game on St Louis with the Dmitri Young/Brantley trade.


      By Blogger smith288, at 8/09/2006 12:09 AM  

    • If Wayne Krivsky had been smart, he would not have dealt with Bowden. When you lie down with fat dogs you come up with fleas.

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/09/2006 6:47 AM  

    • Wouln't that be PHAT DAWGZ?

      I just find it hard to believe that a general manager of a major league franchise could be missnig something that is plainly obvious -- Majewski was overwroked -- to bloggers like ourselves.

      By Blogger WFY, at 8/09/2006 7:43 AM  

    • Yeah, but dumping Castillia to make room for Zimmerman was what that trade was about. Lawrence was gravy. This trade would be still be a steal even if Tex were healthy and pitching well.

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/09/2006 9:27 AM  

    • You know - any Nats blogger could have told you that Majewski was overworked. That's what makes Krivsky's claim hard to believe.

      That doesn't change the fact that Bowden is a horse's ass - but he shouldn't really be expected to do the Reds work for them.

      By Blogger Rocket1124, at 8/09/2006 9:29 AM  

    • Chris: Thanks for the fine coverage, links, commentary and banter on the Majewski situation. You are really on top of it, and its all a very good read.

      And, the Reds can stop whining, its their fault, if anything was wrong. Not the Nats.

      By Blogger Screech's Best Friend, at 8/09/2006 10:46 AM  

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