Friday, March 31, 2006

NL Preview

Mets (91-71)

All at once they breathe
holding it in and hoping
Pedro's arm holds up

Braves (88-74)
Gone are the dollars
of people who bet against.
Cox just laughs, beats wife.

Phillies (87-75)

Loud sound fills the air
bouncing off the plastic seats
filled only by boos

Nationals (75-87)
"Ball Four!" cries the ump
the old man trudges slowly
waving to the pen

Marlins (64-98)
Clang! Clang! rings the bell
it's another fire sale
Ev'rything has gone.

Cardinals (93-69)

Standing on the step
genius makes his job look hard
easy with Pujols

Brewers (81-81)

The Prince wears a crown
ready to conquer the land
but first he eats brats

Astros (81-81)

Enron Field it was
now like investors, scoreboard
so full of zeroes

Reds (81-81)

Deep into the gap
the horsehide reaches orbit
Milton backs up third

Cubs (81-81)
To his left he shifts
firing the ball to first
Neifi is out, natch.

Pirates (81-81)
Three rivers roam near
and Bay spills on to the field
catching balls he sees

Dodgers (86-76)

It doesn't compute
These injury-prone players
do not play when hurt?

Giants (83-79)
Up, up in the air
like a beautiful balloon
is Barry's swelled head.

Padres (83-79)
Squatting and creaking
Italians and Mexicans
bend on broken knees

Diamondbacks (70-92)
What a tangled Webb
who practices with geezers
and young kids who stink

Rockies (68-94)
Altitude beckons
teasing and taunting weak bats
harder swings Carroll


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