Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fouled-Off Bunts: Do As I Say, Not As I Do Edition

Jack Evans is tired. So very tired. Politicking is hard stuff, and after his cursury effort (which really boils down to "This is the agreement we made. This is the agreement you must approve. I like Baseball neener neender.") he's giving up. And we know that Mayor Williams hasn't done much public persuasion, other than slapping up a hokey pro-stadium graphic on the DC website -- which is probably only visited by the kinds of people who already oppose the stadium anyway.

While the Times is the grey could, the AP et al are much more optimistic, reporting that senor bowtie is ready to send the legislation back to the council. The accounts are sketchy on the details, but it's a promising sign.

  • Meanwhile, yesterday's Times relayed an interesting development (which might have something to do with this).

    Apparently the city has too much money for the ballpark. The city is projecting that it's going to collect $58 million per year from revenues, but that the loan is only $38 million, leaving $20 million per year to be squandered on the children, or other such projects.

  • The Nationals have named their minor league coaches for the 06 season. Of note, outfielder Tony Tarasco (most famous for not catching Derek Jeter's home run in the ALCS) is listed as Vermont's Pitching Coach. Either that's a typo, or Bowden's obsession with toolsy outfielders has gone way too far. Ignore their reference to the 2004 season, as well.

  • If the Council does get the lease, there's a chance that Marion Barry might otherwise be umm... busy. The goddamn taxman set him up.

  • Emmis Stockholder? Sucks to be you. Poor Jeff Smulyan.

  • The New Orleans Zephyrs will host the Tulane men's baseball team for their entire season, after their home stadium was destroyed in the hurricane.


    • By the way, according to today's Post, not only is good old Marion Barry a tax cheat, but to top it all off he's still a cocaine using drug addict!

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/11/2006 12:14 PM  

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