Thursday, December 08, 2005

Alfonso With Your Coffee

Morning Update: Here's the Post's Take. (They point out how park factor affected Wilkerson, but completely ignored how it affected Soriano, roughly, "He hit 50% more home runs than Guillen." Not this year, he won't!

  • Here's the Times.
  • Rocket Bill.
  • Here are Baseball Primer's ZIPS projections, which take park factor into account. Ugh. Just 27 home runs and a .248/ .295/ .439 line. For reasons I said yesterday, I think he'll outproduce this, but we can't expect a Hall of Fame performance in this park.
  • Dallas Morning News.

    I'll update more as they come in...

    Update 1: I heard Tim Kurkjian interviewed this morning. I know there's no cheering in the pressbox, but he wasn't actually in the box this morning, and we know there's a tiny bit of DC fanboy in him... He said that he couldn't understand the trade at all, and that Soriano, who's been a sullen problem in the clubhouse before, could potentially be a problem here. He also wondered why they made the deal, committing all that money when all Bowden has talked about is acquiring (and that they clearly have a need for) pitching. Welcome to our world, Tim. Since June, he's shouted from the rafters "pitching, pitching, pitching!" while bringing us only Brian Lawrence. By my count, he still owes us two "pitchings!" and Tony Armas ain't gonna cut it.

    Update 2: Just for mierda and giggles, the comprehensive list of Nationals currently under the club's control who could play second base next year: Jose Vidro, Alfonso Soriano, Jamey Carroll, Junior Spivey, Damian Jackson, Marlon Anderson, Bernie Castro [edit:Brendan Harris, too!], and Rick Short. Jim Bowden really is a cat lady!

    Update 3: Get Yer Blogs Here: Senators; Federal; RX from Federal's Diaries; Nats; Farm Authority (with an emphasis on Galarraga); Anacostia; Nationalz; Beltway; Nasty Nats; OMG! Ranger Rundown

    Update 4: Isn't it possible that Bowden was under pressure to make SOME sort of deal given all the negative PR that baseball in DC has taken? Were his hands forced, even if indirectly?


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