Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Oh, That Jimmy!

Jim Williams is back with his latest Hush-Hush, on the Q-T column. His 'baseball sources' are chirping like fuzzy little chicks on a warm April afternoon:
Sources close to both Major League Baseball and Wall Street have confirmed the ownership bid of Jeffery Smulyan is in trouble. It’s not because he lacks money or support inside MLB. Rather, Smulyan has been unable to win key friends in D.C....

That puts the Fred Malek/Jeffery Zients group back in front, though the quiet but impressive Lerner family group has made up a great deal of ground in the last three looks very likely that former Red Sox architect Theo Epstein will become the next general manager. The odds-on favorite to be team president? Some guy named Cal Ripken.
Ripken, eh. I don't know what qualifications he has for being a team president, other than a shiny persona, and being the subject of some long-told tales.

Williams has proven to be about as accurate as most of my predictions, which is to say, not much. So take his words with a grain or two (or hell, even a whole boatload) of salt.


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