Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ramp Up The Speculation

Two separate Boston Globe stories start the Esptein to Washington rumors. One mentions it in passing, noting that he hasn't been contacted by the team, but has been approached through back channels by the Dodgers.

The other uses Theo to DC as a premise:
Funny, all this time some thought Larry Lucchino, whose power base originated in Washington, might be the one drawn back to the nation's capital. How ironic would it be if his protege, Theo Epstein, wound up being the front man for the Washington Nationals once a new ownership group is selected, which could happen as soon as the major league owners' meeting in Milwaukee mid-month. Imagine what a coup that would be for the new ownership group, to introduce Epstein, the brightest star in the galaxy of general managers, as its front man. Dinner for two in the White House, anyone?
Jim Bowden's getting his resume together (Hey, he made a Wild Card playoff game!) just in case.


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