Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Fouled-Off Bunts: Brahman Bodes Edition

The Washington Post (and Times) report on a Boston Globe report (dizzy yet?) that Jim Bowden is interviewing for the Boston Red Sox GM job. Bowden is from New England, and would probably love all the attention he'd get in Boston. Our friends at Sons of Sam Horn aren't pleased:
-"the Guzman contract alone should be enough to rule out Bowden. Is this a joke?...Welcome back Pokey Reese!"
-"I have a really sick feeling that somehow, someway, Bowden becomes the GM. He's a name, and not an unknown and will only be vehemently opposed by passionate, intelligent fans like those who spend their times on certain Red Sox internet message boards. Papers will give him a free pass."
-"In all honesty, a Bowden hiring would be a disaster that would send the whole board into months of depression. I really couldn't think of a worse candidate. I can only hope that they are interviewing him out of courtesy because he is a Mass native. I just find it so hard to believe that the management group that could take a risk in hiring Theo (and have it payoff beyond expectations) could never be the same group that would hire this incompetent retread. We would be the laughing stock of the baseball world.

Theo Epstein to Jim Bowden in one off-season? Maybe we can go from Manny Ramirez to Scott Podsednik for some on-field symmetry."

Meanwhile, the ownership issue has stalled again. Lease negotiations are still stuck in the same place. Apparently, the biggest issue at this point is the rent. MLB doesn't want to pay DC's price. And DC needs certain guarantees so as to get bonds at favorable prices. Rinse. Lather. Repeat. Unless things get settled soon, MLB won't vote on an owner next week at the owner's meetings. Typical.

The Post continued their series of owner profiles over the weekend. Franklin Haney, who upped his status from "dead as Luis Ayala's arm" to "as much life as a Joe Horgan fastball" by announcing that he'd pay for $200 million worth of cost overruns for the park gets the extended treatment. Albert Lord, Stan Kasten and a gang of hundreds get grouped together like the also-rans they are. (Though Kasten stands an excellent shot of latching on with one of the winning bidders.)

Tenuous is the word of the day.


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