Wednesday, November 09, 2005

MASN On The Move

Live in Herndon or Fairfax? MASN's now available. (or soon, at least)

They've signed on with Verizon to provide MASN via the FiOS service.

I don't know much about FiOS, other than what the press release states, but it seems to me that it's more of an internet service than a cable company.

If that's the case, I wonder what MLB Advanced Media will have to say about this; they have the exclusive internet rights to baseball broadcasts, and would probably be opposed to any circumvention of their rights.

Recall that early this spring, the Nationals had announced a deal to broadcast all games without blackout online to paying customers. That plan was quickly foiled (by DirecTV, I believe).

If MLB Advanced Media does have a problem, I can envisioning them carrying MASN but just blacking out the games. Allegedly MASN will debut round-the-clock service, probably featuring the same crappy Fox Sports Net darts and cards shows that you already don't watch.

Meanwhile, the 95% of the area that's subject to Comcast goes without. Sigh.