Thursday, October 06, 2005

Peter Angelos - 2; Comcast - 0

Round two goes to Angelos on a TKO.

A judge has thrown out Comcast's lawsuit against MASN, the Angelos-devised network of Satan. Comcast had had their suit thrown out a few months ago, but the judge gave them a chance to refile with new supporting evidence. From the accounts, all they did was change the fonts and move the margins in half an inch.

The lawsuit contended a breach of contract -- that Comcast had an exclusive negotiating window to match any offer for Orioles broadcast rights from a third party. MASN contended, and the judge nodded along, that MASN was just the rewarmed leftovers of the current Orioles broadcasting arm.

What does this mean for me and you? Who knows. It's not necessarily the last legal hurdle, but the legal door is shriveling up faster than Bill Simmons' hubris.

Hopefully, this means the two parties will sit down in a closed room (preferably without ventilation and lots of cheese) and hammer out an arrangement. Similar cable wars in other areas have taken over a year to work their way through the process. I suppose that MASN could make it to Comcast next year, but I'm not anticipating hearing the dulcet sounds of Darling in April either.


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