Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Fouled-Off Bunts: Brain Drain Edition

There are a few more good posts that I wanted to highlight....

  • Nationals Farm Authority is out with his top-5 lists of Nats prospects at Double-A. Unlike the wasteland that was Triple-A, there's some potential here, including a name you probably recognize at the top.

  • Nats Blog recaps the lessons they learned over the course of a season. This one seems especially appropriate: "When followed closely, the season is not long at all, and the second half goes very quickly when your team is losing its lead"

    It's an excellent post and worth the quick read.

  • The patriarch of the Yudite clan picks his top games of 2005. Ah, the memories. Way back in July, I did a top-10 list of my favorite games. It's amazing, and probably telling, that our two lists are mostly similar, especially given there were still three months to play.

  • And last and least, our old friend (stretching the definition to its breaking point), the Nationals Inquirer, has shiny new digs at He's a mercenary now, selling himself for the cash! Fark him!

    But in the spirit of harmony, here's his start to the BPro Adjusted Playoffs -- where the Mets rule!


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