Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Your Livan Fun Facts O' The Day

1) He's a singin' and dancin' machine.
In a recently released DVD, Nationals ace Livan Hernandez appears in a music video by popular Puerto Rican rapper Hector El Bambino.

Hernandez is shown wearing a white baseball cap while adding backup vocals and dance moves to El Bambino's hit "Vamos A Matarnos En La Raya." The video was filmed at Hernandez's Miami residence during spring training.

El Bambino plays a style of music called reggaeton. In the video, select members of El Bambino's band are wearing Nationals caps and jerseys. Hernandez received his copy of the video over the weekend when the Nationals were in Denver sweeping the Colorado Rockies.

"Livo is the one that knows [El Bambino]," veteran infielder Carlos Baerga said. "[El Bambino] is one of the best reggaeton guys in Puerto Rico right now. [Hernandez] can dance. He was doing really well."

2) He's not superstitious or extortable.

Last night, after he pitched the Washington Nationals to a 6-3 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies, Hernandez said the fan wants an elaborate package in return for the glove: season tickets next year, playoff tickets this year -- and $18,000.

"He can have it," Hernandez said. "He thinks it's my lucky glove, but I'm not superstitious."


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