Tuesday, July 19, 2005

There Are Others

I'm not the only one disgusted by last night's game.

Boswell seems to think it's not a good sign:
Before this game, it was premature to fret about the Nats. Not anymore. If they aren't in a full-blown slump, it's mighty close. The Braves are on their heels. The weather and the pressure will only get hotter. This game demonstrated, beyond one night's score, that the Nats need to calm down considerably. Otherwise, high expectations will not remain a problem for too long.

Thom Loverro is starting to worry a little bit:
Now the obvious questions will start hounding the Nationals -- is it a fog, or were their 52 wins and perch atop the NL East at the All-Star break an aberration? Is Washington's play of late a reflection of a team at the bottom of nearly every offensive category in the National League and in the most competitive division in baseball?

Despite the losses, that doesn't seem to be true. The Nationals are not getting killed; they simply are making mistakes. A team that lives on the edge cannot afford to give away anything.

"As bad as we have been, a key hit at the right time and we would have won a few of those games," Robinson said before the game.

Not by committing errors or failing to execute bunts, though. If you are a limited team and you start failing in the few things you do well, you have a team that soon will be going the wrong way in the NL East.

Nasty Nats isn't happy:
This was sloppy, sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. Everyone should be embarrassed. Even the crowd tonight should be embarrassed; it seemed like a tomb on TV. The leaders on this team need to step up and call everyone to account. This is where the team needs to realize it's not a joke. The Braves are for real. The rest of the NL East is not a joke.

And I'm in a rage right now. Depending on how much I think about it, I alternate between uncontrollable anger and tears.

Nationalz is frustrated:
This is seriously getting ridiculous. Every team has ups and downs during a season, but I’m getting emotionally involved now. After all of the work to take and keep first in the NL East, this sort of little league play is just sorry.

At least I'm in good company.


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