Friday, July 22, 2005

Quick Notes About A Dreadful Game

Last night's game was a mixture of the dreadful head-in-ass play Monday night and the un-clutch performance on Wednesday. Eventually, they'll get it right, right?

Carlos Baerga wins his second Lame Duck, narrowly edging the spectacularly un-clutch Jose Guillen for it. Baerga was 0-2, but he won this one with his glove.

With Adam Everett on second, the Astros were in a bunt situation. Frank called for the Wheel Play, where the first and third basemen charge, and Carroll and Vidro rotate over to cover third and first respectively.

Well, Baerga missed the sign. So he was sort of caught in no-man's land, but did manage to scoot his pear-shaped body back towards third for the throw. But, Jamey Carroll was bearing down on the bag, as was Everett, probably distracting him.

Wilkerson's throw was right on the money. Baerga was in perfect position to field, amazingly. And the throw went right through him, trickling down the line. Everett came into score. The game, for all intents and purposes, was over.

  • Esteban Loaiza wasn't especially sharp, allowing 11 hits in just 7 innings, including a crushing RBI single to the flippin' pitcher.

  • Craig Biggio somehow got a double on a ball hit to centerfield that didn't go more than 100 feet. Yay defense!

  • Jose Guillen continued his torrid non-hit-when-they-matter pace.

  • Brad Wilkerson made a nifty over-the-shoulder catch in foul territory. Biggio, who was on third, tried to score, but Wilkerson whirled and made a strong throw to nail him at the plate easily.

  • The Preston Wilson AB in the 9th off Lidge was tremendous. He really battled, and earned the homer he hit. But I have this nagging feeling that Lidge was just playing cat and mouse, knowing he had a three-run lead.

  • The Astros TV announcers are fabulous. They seriously know more about our team and the circumstances of the move than any of our broadcasters do. We could be so lucky to have someone of their quality.

  • The loss sucked, especially coming off the stretch of games we've had.

    But keep in mind that this was a loss we ALL had penciled in. Despite the final score, the game wasn't close. This would've been a nice one to win, but if you played this one 100 times, we'd probably lose it 70 times.

    All you can do is move on and play the next game.

    With Roger Clemens on the mound, I have another loss penciled in. But I'd be delighted to ink in Ryan Drese's name.


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