Friday, May 06, 2005

Round 'Em Up

Another gloomy Friday. How'd we get so lucky?

There are a bunch of articles on our faire team today. Let's round 'em up.

--Terrmel Sledge and Antonio Osuna are set to go under the knife. The prior pulled his hamstring and partially tore the muscle off the bone. (Yummy!) The latter has a 'slap lesion'. (Insert your own Dayn Perry joke)

I had to look that one up. And it's an instance where the Times copyeditors got it wrong. It's an acronym, SLAP, for Superior Labrum [tear] Anterior to Posterior. Here are some graphics on how they do the surgery.

Sledge is going to be out 8-12 weeks minimum. Osuna doesn't have a date, but that site above says expect a loooong time.

--The Nats traded for career minor-leaguer Dee Haynes. He's 28 and has zero chance of making the majors. It's probably just a move to add some semi-warm bodies to AAA New Orleans, since their starting OF is in the majors. We gave up 'future considerations' (read: Cash)

--Someone caught Frank yapping away on his cell phone during the game. He's definitely caught on to Washington culture.

--The team's finally starting an advertising campaign. Though, as someone pointed out, the slogan, "Let Yourself Go," definitely has a geriatric feel. I hope Frank doesn't take it literally. (I guess that Depends *rimshot*)

--The Sacramento Bee (PSSST! bselig/bselig) has a brief look at our Cuban Ace, Livan, and his role in continuing the Cuban tradition in DC Baseball.

--The DelMarVa Daily Times looks at the Kentucky Masher, Brad Wilkerson. He may be in a batting slump, but he's in mid-season form with his cliches:

"When you go out each night, and you see fans that know and love the game of baseball like these fans do[ONE!], it's a privilege to play in front of them[TWO!]," he said. "I just go out every day and try to get better[THREE!]. I don't take anything for granted[FOUR!]. I just try and improve my game[FIVE!]. I just take each game one step at a time[SIX!]. If tonight wasn't such a good night, I'll go out there tomorrow and hopefully get a couple of hits [SEVEN!] and hit the ball hard[EIGHT!]."
Way to go, Bluegrass!

--Fans in Falls Church now know what a Can O' Corn is.

--With the rest of the team purged, Matt Cepicky solidifies his role as New Orleans' best player.

After seeing I.E. Chavez recalled, I'm surprised his manager didn't find him dangling from the rafters.


  • A better campaign slogan would definitely be, "where $7 gets you to 3rd base"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/08/2005 12:16 AM  

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