Monday, March 21, 2005

Whadya Want For Free?

DCRTV found a column in the Washington Examiner, which has thusfar eluded me. So I'll steal DCRTV's blurb.
DC Examiner sports media columnist Jim Williams reports that Kenny Albert and Bill Sample are being mentioned as the local TV play-by-play team for the Nationals. When a local TV deal is finalized. We're still waiting. Albert has DC media ties - he was the sports director of WTOP and the voice of Capitals (hockey) radio. Other Nats TV team possibilities include Mel Proctor, Dave Sims, Brian McRae, Rob Dibble, and even maybe Greg Gumbel. Williams adds that there is still no word about which local TV station will land the team, but there could be a split package, with some games on Channels 5 and 20, or Channels 50 and 66. Comcast SportsNet still looks like the likely local cable TV outlet

I've said it before, but if Rob Dibble is involved with this team in any way, shape, form, etc, I'm forsaking this team. I won't go to the dark side, but I'll return to my happiness as a denizen of the evil empire. My ears are starting to bleed just thinking about it.

Wow. I didn't realize how harsh I was last time his name came up!

The Examiner's website is a mess. It's chaotically 'organized' and stories don't 1) appear on the website 2)appear where they should appear.

But, it is good for some unintentional comedy -- the best kind of comedy! Check out the photo and the caption on this for an example.


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