Thursday, March 24, 2005

Fouled-Off Bunts: Slow News Day Edition

I've got nuttin'. (Well, not much, at least.)

  • The Sun reports that Orioles tickets are 12% off the pace. What an improvement since yesterday, when they were off by 17%. If the pace keeps up, they'll have sold out the season by the end of the week!

  • Speaking of tickets, the Baltimore Business Journal picks up where the Post left off regarding ticket brokers in the DC-Bal region. I'm linking only so I can take a gratuitous shot:
    Don Grove, senior director of fan and ticket services for the Orioles, said the practice of ticket brokers jacking up prices does not bode well for baseball because some fans confuse tickets sold by the team with those sold by brokers. Grove says the Orioles have received calls from fans wondering why they bought a bleacher seat for $55, thinking they had purchsed it from the Orioles. The Orioles sell bleacher seats for $15.

    Must be from Dundalk.

  • Here's a look at the players on the roster bubble.

  • I'm assuming this'll be in the Post Magazine this weekend, based on the length. It's a long history of Washington baseball, or at least as much as anyone around here seems to care about: post-1970. Just a warning... if you, like me, are conditioned to gag at phrases such as, "THE MONEY END OF BASEBALL USED TO BE SO SIMPLE," you might want to stay away.

  • Just four days after Buzzard Sunday, Mike Hinckley is reporting an injured wing. The injury is to the same shoulder that slowed him a bit last year. As for now, he's being held out of all throwing workouts. Hopefully, it's not too serious.

    I'd imagine that'll put a damper on the Wily Mo Pena chances for now.

  • The Nats held PA Announcer tryouts yesterday. I'm just wondering where I can send the tape of me singing the National Anthem.

  • Here's the biggest reason why the Nationals shouldn't give anything of value up for Atlanta's Wilson Betemit: They might be forced to put him on waivers.

  • The Nationals held a lottery for opening day tickets yesterday. Neither I, nor any of my friends such CM Needham, Christopher Needham or C. Michael Needham won. Damn.

    I'll be there anyway. Waaaay up in the nosebleeds. I'll bring plenty of kleenex and a glove, in case anyone hits a 525 foot homerun.

    (Looking at the rotation, ¡Livan! should get the opening night start.)


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