Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Fouled-Off Bunts: Major Dumas Edition

  • Call me Major Dumas. As I noted in a correction to a previous post, Jo(h)n Rauch (un de Los Dos Juans) is not out of options. His 2003 season should not count as an option year. As such, he's got one left. (See my comments and the comments of the always-helpful Inquirer for the details)

    What that means, is he's probably headed to New Orleans to enjoy the gumbo with Jeffrey Hammonds. I smell a PCL championship!

  • Nationals Pastime details the bullpen. I was going to write something on it, but he's taken care of it. And he'll do it in about 400 fewer words than me.

    The related WaPo article, full of Barry goodness.

  • The Inquirer looks at Josh Labandeira, who, when healthy, might be a 'useful' backup infielder.

  • Whadya do when your bid to scam the city out of future stadium-related revenue fails? Why, you whine to Cropzilla! God forbid they should reject your scheme on the merits (or lack thereof). Politics stinks sometimes. (Actually, working in it, I'm confident in saying that's all the time!)

  • Frank Robinson wants to hang around for a while. Wait a minute, big guy! Try not sleeping in the dugout this year first, ok?

  • Ticket brokers love the Nats. (Especially their home opener.) Just wait til mid-August when the humidity's high, the city goes on vacation and the team's 15 games out!

  • The mascot's set! Yeah! They're just waiting for Kid's Opening Day! I've got my tickets already! See ya in section 402!

    Free Youppi!


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