Monday, February 14, 2005

Today's Radio Rumors Are Brought To You By

The Examiner and The Post (see the bottom).

The Examiner Sez:
The Nationals will choose between FM-giant WJFK (106.7), the home of the Redskins, or WTEM-AM (Sports Talk 980) and either would be a good choice. There was some talk about WTOP-AM (1500) being involved but that remains a very, very long shot. But as we have learned in this soap opera, never count out a strange plot twist.

WJFK has the best deal on the table and they are pushing hard to become the Nats' radio home. While WTEM feels their format is better suited for baseball, both stations have made their case and now the Nats have to choose.

I spoke to a MLB source who said that one reason WTEM is still considered is because there is a fear that if the Nats go to WJFK, then the Orioles will be on WTEM.

My sources in the radio industry said, and I feel the same way, WTEM would never take a chance on losing the Nats long term by airing the O's. Remember this is only a one or two-year deal at the most so when the new owners take over they will be in solid shape to do a long-term deal. WTEM would never want to blow any chance at that.

I can't imagine that WTEM would be stupid enough to go with the Orioles broadcasts anyway. Would that many people actually, listen to them? If they lose the Nats(Especially on the heels of losing access to Joe Gibbs) it'll just about be time to shutter the station.

The Examiner also has two nuggets about TV. One focuses on local stations fighting to be the local partner--giving them inside access to the stadium, ala Channel 4 and the Redskins. The other mentions that the Os will be on Comcast 90 times. (Which seems like fewer than usual?) And that they're still formulating their DC over-the-air options, with PAX in the front. (Pax has to be the worst station on TV, other than that Discovery one which seems to show nothing but childbirth, vasectomies and eye surgery.)


  • I would imagine it's WTEM or bust for the Orioles here. I can't really think of a station that'd be willing to pick them up. Maybe they'd throw them on 1260 when the Wizards aren't playing? I don't know.

    You LIKE Jim Hunter? Man. :) I'll give ya Fred and Joe, but please take Jim. PLEASE! :)

    1190 comes in about half the time. It's a very powerful signal, but it's directional. So depending on where you live, you might not get it.

    By Blogger Chris Needham, at 2/14/2005 11:02 AM  

  • The Orioles placing games on PAX/66 might as well be like placing games nowhere. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any other area alternative.

    As for Orioles radio in the area, WWRC/1260's eastward propogation wouldn't add many more listeners who wouldn't already be able to hear games on other O's affiliates. If 980 is offlimits, WTNT/570 with a marginally better western suburban signal might actually make more sense for the Orioles.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/14/2005 12:43 PM  

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