Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Summer Wind Comes Whippin' In From Across The Sea

Today's the day. There's a ton of stuff in the Post, so I'll have to restrain myself lest I be writing summaries til the All-Star break.

--Boswell equates today to the anticipation of a first date. I'm just waiting for my first homerun! (Wait, that didn't come out right.)
Starting now, this should be the year when nobody with a sense of proportion complains about anything regarding the Nats.
Ah, that explains his editorial judgement.

--Stan Kasten has made a move to buy the team. Yeah, he ran the Braves for a number of years, but he's also been associated with the Hawks forever, as well as the Thrashers. Carpe Diem caveat emptor!

Also, Antonio Osuna, one of our better relief pitchers is delayed in Mexico with visa problems. Perhaps if he had American Express...*RIMSHOT*

--Here's a nobody-knows-them-yet-type article.

--Here's a who-you-should-know-type article.

--Here's a who's-leading-them-why-its-a-hall-of-famer-type article.
"I think this ballclub has a chance to be a winning ballclub, and I don't mean just a winning record," he said. "I want to be a part of that."

--The Post looks at the burgeoning Nats fan club and gives some more love to Nationals Pastime and we discover that we have a Netherlands correspondent (That explains the 3AM posting times.)

--The deadline for designs for the new stadium was pushed back a week, because they want additional info on cost projections.

--Thom Loverro looks at the new team through the eyes of the clubhouse attendant, Mike Wallace. And no, it's not a steroid article.

--Here's the Times generic "yay, it's spring training" article. I bet you could go to almost any paper in the country and find the same article. I think the names are just changed with a mail merge.

--Here's their look at Space Ghost Coast stadium.


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