Monday, February 14, 2005

On The Sunny Side Of The Street

It's a cold, gray, rainy morning--the worst way to start a week. Definitely the kind of day that you wish you could just turn the alarm off.

But, that makes it all the more special with what happens starting tomorrow, the first real sign that summer is on its way.

I'll be working on my spring training preview today and post it later today or tomorrow. In the meantime, here's some assorted junk that you probably won't find interesting.

--The Potomac Cannons, the Nationals new single-A team, has changed their name to.... *drumroll*, the Potomac Nationals. Gee. That's creative. On the bright side, they have signed an agreement with Prince William County to split the funding for the construction of a new stadium to open in 2007.

Lemme get this straight... the team's paying half the money AND it's going to be ready a year earlier? Maybe we should've moved the Cannons, not the Expos! :)

--The Times reviews the Larkin retirement and the Escobar signing. Of note, they specifically mention that he was brought here with a chance to start, as I mentioned yesterday.

They also address the player we gave up, Jerry Owens. One of the messageboards had a few people grumbling that we gave up a second round pick for Escobar. They're missing the big picture. Owens, is not second round talent. That pick is a sunk cost--it was wasted even if we kept Owens. That we were able to turn it into anything of value is a great sign for Bowden. Owens is not the kind of player who's going to get in more than 50 major league games in his career.

--The Florida Marlins picked up Nationals cast-off Chad Bentz. Now, they have a pitcher with a missing hand, one with club feet, and one with too many fingers and toes. If they brought back their former manager, John Boles, they'd have a bug-eyed man to complete the sideshow.

The players seem to be enjoying the idea and say they're relieved (no pun intended) to have someone with a similar fate.

--In shocking news, the same evil and powerful forces that tried to derail the stadium vote are pushing to have those hom-o-sex-uals put their houses of ill-repute next to schools. (Or at least that's how WTOP would frame it.)

Actually, they just want assurances that they can receive a zoning variance when the stadium construction boots their asses from the ghetto. Seems pretty logical--just a businessman protecting his business ventures. I'm sure someone'll make more out of it than that.


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