Friday, January 21, 2005

Roundin' Third, Headed Towards More Links

Alright... I was outta commission for a day. Doesn't look like I missed a whole helluva lot. But I have some catching up to do.

--Bowden signed the under-rated Antonio Osuna to a one-year $800,000 contract. If he can stay healthy, which is a pretty big if with him, he can really shine in our bullpen. Nationals Pastime looks at the numbers and gives him a thumbs up. Unfortunately, they released Sunny Kim to make room for him. Kim, while never going to be a superstar, isn't completely useless. Although, now that I actually look at his numbers, I may want to change that assesment ;)

--The Nats adjusted their schedule slightly to accomodate an ESPN Sunday Night game and a few more Fox games. *Yawn* They also finalized plans for an April 3 exhibition against the Mets. *Double Yawn*

--Ticketmaster sucks.

--Distinguished Senators has a look at Cristian Guzman and deconstructs the latest PR puff-piece from the Nats website.

--Yesterday's lesson: Inaugural Balls are surprisingly lame.


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