Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Superseding Indictment


Svrluga says that's sources might be wrong. There's a chance that the Nats could still sign McGeary!?!!

The key thing from the article (and, yes, this'll be hard for me to type!), is that it's NOT ABOUT THE MONEY! In some ways, though, the hold up is even worse. The Lerners are political cowards, hacks of the worst sort, who are unwilling (so far) to stand up to Bud Selig, the man who screwed over Montreal and Washington DC baseball.
From what I'm told, money is not going to be a problem. The question, rather, is are the Lerners - new to baseball, trying to make inroads into a very political operation - willing to (potentially) ruffle a few feathers by signing a sixth-round pick for first-round money? According to Baseball America, MLB wants picks after the fifth round to receive no more than the last slotted bonus in that round, which was $123,300 this year. Clearly the Nationals would have to go well, well beyond that to land McGeary, who - just like No. 6 overall Ross Detwiler and No. 31 overall Josh Smoker, lefties already signed by Washington - was in the top 15 on the Nationals' draft board....

What, though, does upsetting MLB mean? There are no financial penalties for paying draft picks more than their "slot" value - a value suggested by MLB and assigned to each choice in the draft....

The Lerners, though, feel they're in a precarious position. One of the reason they won the eight-horse derby to get the Nationals - and a reason Commissioner Bud Selig and his people capped the bidding at $450 million, so they could choose their favorite group - was that managing principal owner Theodore N. Lerner preached a conservative fiscal approach.

If money isn't a problem (which we all know it really shouldn't be, and the only holdup is because of internal political squabblings with a liver-spotted commissioner and the Lerners' unwillingness to put the health of their franchise -- the franchise that MLB dicked over for so many years -- then that's perhaps a worse indictment of the quality of the ownership we have.

They'll put cronyism ahead of what's right for their fans.


  • NFA, who usually takes a dispassionate approach -- at least publicly! -- says just get the damn thing done.


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