Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Scout For A Day

Tangotiger from The Book -- available at finer book stores nationwide -- is back with his annual fan survey of defense.

He asks fans from around the country to evaluate the play of their local 9, judging them on a range of categories. He then aggregates the data to find what the consensus is around all of baseball to rank the players defensively.

Please help out with this, by visiting his site and filling out the sheet for the Nats and any other team you've seen regularly this year.

The key when filling out the ballot is to not consider position. Evaluate the player's skills relative to all players. So if someone is fast for a catcher, don't give them an "excellent" for footspeed like you'd give Jose Reyes.

If you post on any messageboards or other blogs related to the Nats, share the link. The more people we get to participate, the more accurate the results are. And traditionally, the Nats/Expos have some of the fewest participants. Let's fix that!


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