Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Makes Sense Now

Tom Boswell has another column about the plan -- guess he got tired of writing about golf and the Yankees. I'd read it, but I'll just wait a week to read the column he writes that's the opposite of this one.

At any rate, after the first few grafs, we get this:
"When we were building the Braves [in '88], I told Ted Turner, 'Every day I am going to be the village idiot on the talk shows and in the newspapers. So, get used to it.' " That year, the Braves lost 106 games, 13 fewer than the Nats' current breathtaking pace. "Now we're building here," Kasten said. "I'm back in my village idiot phase again."

It dawned on me. That's exactly the reason that Bowden's still around. When a fist-bumping, leather-pants-wearing, "Dawg"-saying, drink-lovin', brain-mumbo-jumbo-believin' GM is wandering 'round, there's no way that Kasten can be considered the village idiot.

Machiavellian. Very Machiavellian!


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