Monday, April 16, 2007

Some People...

...would say that the most exciting play in baseball is a triple with the bases loaded.

On the other hand, Bob Carpenter seems to think that the most exciting play in baseball is a weak single to the opposite field. Especially if it happens in St. Louis.

Did you know he used to broadcast for the Cardinals? Yeah, really. I know you probably thought the 62 references to the Cardinals each game was just a coincidence.

  • Speaking of which, here's an article about the most vacuous of announcer phrases, "a good piece of hitting."
    A good piece of hitting cannot be a home run or a solidly hit double down the line. It cannot be a bouncer, bleeder, trickler, or any other sort of hit that has eyes or relies on the misadventures of the defense. It must be hit well, but not too well, and preferably it should go the opposite field.

    Somewhere, Bob's nodding approvingly.


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