Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Limbo Everbody!

Nuttin' to blog about... so, instead, some tasteless nuggets.

--Soriano scared off the Orioles with his 7/$117 million demand. He'll scare lots of teams off with that. Nice knowin' ya, A-Sor. The Phillies seem interested, though.

--Federal Baseball notes that some of the Elias Rankings (which determine the amount of compensation a team gets for losing a Free Agent) are starting to trickle out. As expected, Soriano is a Type A.

--He, Armas, Guillen and Fick have filed for Free Agency. Ladson implies that neither Guillen nor Fick will be back. Guillen for obvious reasons, but Fick was brought in, in part, because he was one of Frank's favorites. Sans Frank, who needs a redass?

--John Russell, currently managing in South America, had a phone interview with the Nats and might interview in person next week. He and Acta are the only names consistently out there, although Tony Pena lingers like a depressing memory.

--OMG, probably correctly, thinks that the Nats job might be the least attractive one out there for potential managers.

--Last week, for a few hours, at least, the Nationals had season ticket prices for the upcoming season, and there were price cuts everywhere (though the Diamond Club wasn't listed). My seats in the 500 level behind the plate dropped a buck. Other sections dropped more. They've since taken the prices down, but hopefully that was a case of someone putting info up too soon, and not someone putting incorrect info up. I'd expect season ticket renewals to start filtering out in the next month or so?

--The Harrisburg Senators are for sale.

--Someone thinks that Bill Ladson would make a good manager.