Monday, October 23, 2006

Say! It's Not Joe!

Joe Girardi took himself out of the running and Svrluga's story seems to indicate that it was his job if he wanted. Good. I wasn't a big Girardi fan based on everything I read about his tenure in Florida. (And perhaps I'm still bitter because the crappy bastard stole half of Jorge Posada's should've-been Hall-of-Fame career, but that's another story).

So it looks like it's down to Manny Acta (who interviewed with the Rangers and is on the Giants' radar), Terry Pendleton (who seems reluctant to leave his family in ATL), and Tony Pena (who's afraid to step foot in Missouri lest he leave with buckshot in his hide)

I guess I'd rank them in that order, but I don't know a whole helluva lot about the managerial acumen. Much like a late-night comedian loves scandal, I think I'd kinds like to see Dusty Baker here. Maybe that, at least, would cure some of the malaise that struck my bloggin' in season two. Sadly, everyone's favorite Beat Writer sez that that ain't happenin'.


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