Friday, May 05, 2006

Dolts With Cameras Night

I brought my camera to the ol' ballpark for Thursday night's pathetic loss. I haven't taken the time to crop any of these, but I figured I'd share them -- not that boring pics of baseball players is anything you were looking for anyway. ;)

Plenty of good seats available, and lots of fans wearing orange:

Frank meant business, coming out to the mound himself, telling Livan to give up a 2-RBI double to Cabrera so that they could face Willingham instead.

Prior to his spirit-crushing error, Damian Jackson takes a pitch, probably for a strike:

Here he is proving that he can swing at strikes, too:

Zimmerman's ready to pounce, looking for a pitch he can pop up:

The lone offensive highlight of the game. Get that fat man a shortstop's glove. Classic hitting form, huh?

Don't worry, Big Guy. We're exhausted, too:

I'm including this only to confirm that Frank was up late sans nap (and possibly to make a LeCroy fat joke):

With nothing entertaining on the field, fans are left to entertain themselves by writing obscenties with the thousands of empty seats:

Sometimes pictures ARE worth 1,000 words. Even Screech was depressed.

And only because it's in the blogger's handbook that you're supposed to do this on a Friday, meet my cat (hold the jokes; I've heard them already!):


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