Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fouled-Off Bunts: Sigh

  • The MASN Mess reaches the first milepost. There's a hearing today on the Orioles' motion to dismiss Comcast's lawsuit. It's possible that the judge will issue an immediate ruling, or that could come at a later time.

  • Apparently, the Nationals aren't recognized when they go out in public. I wonder why that could be? Perhaps that has something to do with the point above? Naaaaah.

  • Marlon Byrd's suspension was overturned. He'll have to pay a fine for being ejected, but won't have to miss a game. Somewhere in the southern hemisphere, a crank Aussie is screaming "Bollocks!"

    But the question remains... is Byrd being NOT suspended actually good for the team? Lately, he has started to make me miss Endy.

  • Baseball Prospectus reports that the Nationals had a deal in place to acquire infielder Julio Lugo, but that the Nationals were having a hard time working out the financial details.

    Gee, thanks, Bud.

  • Our friends at Sports Law Blog take a lawyerly gaze at RFK's outfield dimensions. Would the mislabling of the fences be grounds for a claim of misrepresentation?

    It's obviously mostly an academic exercise, but some of you ambulance chasers might appreciate it. (If I see you passing out business cards outside the player's parking lot, I'll expect a referal fee)