Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Nat Notes

Barry Svrluga sees a conspiracy in Distinguished Senators' "Dutch" moniker. Oh well. Just as long as it isn't the god awful Zimm nickname, I'll be happy. But, I'm not giving up the fight yet.
  • Brad Wilkerson continues to have nerve problems in his right arm. It's really starting to sound ominous. He says he may have to cut back on his BP swings.

  • Joey Eischen is set to begin a rehab assignment in New Orleans. The former Adirondack Lumberjack expects to be down about 10 days, and says he'll head with the team on the West Coast trip to throw some BP. Gamer20 will be happy about that development, no doubt.

  • Frank Robinson will be undergoing vision correction surgery on Monday, which might cause him to miss a game. There are a few jokes to be made there, but I'll leave it to you to finish the punchline.

    The only surgery this team needs is something to Dave Huppert's hands so that he can't signal bunt plays anymore.

  • Ex-Expo Chad Bentz makes his return to the majors with the dreaded Florida Marlins. That's a nice little story on him from his hometown paper.

  • Bidding for the team is hot and heavy with the Ledecky/Soros group presumed to be in front. I'll stand by my prediction that if the money is reasonably close, that they'll find a way to NOT give it to that group. The highest amount of money doesn't usually win.

    Bids are in the $400 MM range. They'll only go higher.

    47-time Emmy Winner, man-about-town, raconteur, etc, etc, Jim Williams says that the reason is so high is because of the TV contract.

    So, you mean that the team's getting a higher price with its games being broadcast than it would if its broadcasting rights were in legal limbo? Fascinating! Tell us more, Jim! What vast insider knowledge can you impart to our malformed brains?

    Don't make me wait, Jim.


  • Wow, a Chad Bentz article. Now, that's digging deep!

    I like what you're doing with Jim Williams here. Maybe we can develop a bit of back-story for him. Former pimp? Hugh Hefner's trusted limo driver? Elizabeth Taylor's sixth husband?

    By Blogger Basil, at 6/08/2005 5:03 PM  

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