Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Dam Bursts

We're in a tailspin, and all hell breaks loose. Can't you imagine the way Jim Bowden's eyes would light up after making this many transactions in one day?

-- Jon Rauch to the 15-day DL with a torn labrum -- that's not good!
-- John Patterson to the 15-day DL retro to 5/16 with back spasms -- hopefully it's nothing chronic
-- Claudio Vargas designated for assigment -- WTF? Why not just option him?
-- Zach Day optioned to AAA
-- TJ Tucker activated from the DL
-- Tyrell Godwin called up from the minors
-- Sunny Kim called up from the minors
-- CJ Nitkowski signed as FA (after Pitt released him)
-- Terrmel Sledge shifted to the 60-day DL -- just a roster-space formality

I'll have more later, but the Nitkowski signing isn't a good one -- just a panic move. Vargas being DFAd is just crazy. And good for Godwin and Kim -- their solid AAA performances are being rewarded.

Oh, and for all your one-stop CJ news, check out his website. (And for you Godless communist readers, feel free to mock him.)


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