Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Consistently Inconsistent

Sez Frank:
"Everybody is trying to win today, and this year," Robinson said. "Too much emphasis is put on winning. You have to teach and develop, even at this level. If you have the talent, you're going to win your share of ball games. That's why you have to stick with a guy like Vargas. You can't give him just one or two starts and then pull him out because then the guy is in a bad mental state. The next time he's out there, he gives up one or two quick runs, and he's looking over his shoulder and wondering when he's going to be taken out of the ballgame."

Frank can't do that like he did with Zach Day?

He can't do that like he did with Tomo Ohka?

He can't do that like the way he's buried Jon Rauch after 'losing' a few games?

He can't do that the way he buried Ryan Church to the bench, even after some great games?

He can't do that the way he had benched Terrmel Sledge early in the season?

But, he can stretch a starter who obviously doesn't have it, and who should rightfully be in the bullpen -- if in the majors at all?

That makes perfect sense, right?

Even a gut full of cheap vodka and funky-smelling clams doesn't produce anything as foul as Frank's logic.

UPDATE: MLB.Com Cheap Shot -- from the same article, "Third baseman Vinny Castilla was replaced in the third inning Sunday by Henry Blanco because of soreness in his left knee."

I've probably made the same mistake, but I just find it funny when the pros, especially someone who's working as a de facto PR arm makes that kind of mistake.


  • This was my point on all the message boards that i post on, arguing about this.

    and nobody seems to get it.

    why does this "nurturing" rule only apply to Vargas?

    By Blogger John IV, at 5/25/2005 1:35 AM  

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