Monday, April 18, 2005

Groin Strain Update

Tony Armas and Claudio Vargas are rehabbing in New Orleans as they try to recover from a wonky groin and arm, respectively.

Armas pitched the other night, and the Times reported on it the other day.
Armas threw 54 pitches for the New Orleans Zephyrs, the Nationals' Class AAA affiliate. In 31/3 innings, he allowed two runs on two hits, walked one and struck out three.

"I'm not real concerned about lines. I'm more concerned on how he felt, especially his first outing and everything -- how that leg felt. It felt good, and I'm happy with his first outing," Nationals pitching coach Randy St. Claire said.

"He threw the ball better than his line read," Nationals interim general manager Jim Bowden said. "He threw the ball really well. He threw the ball better than the result."

Vargas, who'll probably end up in the bullpen and serve as a swingman, pitched decently too. He went five innings, striking out eight (a good sign!) and just four hits.

Armas is scheduled to make 5 starts in NO. I haven't seen a time table for Vargas. (And I don't really see a spot for him on the team yet either -- as long as Osuna's not injured)

(And, I hope that while they're in Nashville, they made a stop by Tootsie's to say hello to the fabulous Miss Wanda!)


  • Nickname submission.

    In honor of Armas's by-now famously "tweaked" groin, how about Tweaky?

    Yes? No?

    By Blogger Basil, at 4/18/2005 1:13 PM  

  • Where'd you see about Armas making five starts? Will Carroll says he's making one more and I'd like to have some documentary evidence to tell him he's a moron who needs to check his facts. ;)

    By Blogger Yuda, at 4/18/2005 2:31 PM  

  • You know where you can stick your factchecking? ;)

    The Moonie Times says three starts. Split the difference! I KNOW I read 5 someplace, bc that seems ridiculously high to me.

    I'll keep lookin'

    By Blogger Chris Needham, at 4/18/2005 2:33 PM  

  • Five starts sounds pretty high. I definitely heard the three starts story, though.

    By Blogger Basil, at 4/18/2005 2:47 PM  

  • Eh... I can't find it. Must've been an anonymous club source I spoke with. Yeah, that's it.

    Or maybe it was Judge Crater?

    By Blogger Chris Needham, at 4/18/2005 2:50 PM  

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