Monday, April 18, 2005

Antonio AWOL

We now know why Frank Robinson didn't bring Antonio Osuna in lately with some big leads to see if he can get his confidence back. He's been injured.
he has been battling inflammation in his right shoulder. He played catch before yesterday's game, making 50 tosses. "I feel better," he said. "I will be able to pitch Tuesday." But after the game, Osuna told pitching coach Randy St. Claire he could pitch today

That's not a very good sign for a pitcher who's injury history makes him right at home on this staff.

It's possible that his shoulder was acting up before his torchariffic outings last week, which would probably explain the punishing the Marlins put on him.

Remember, Osuna was late to camp because of some nebulous issues with his father. I'm not sure if that got resolved, so that could be weighing on his mind as well. Maybe he's just going through the regular soreness pitchers battle through during spring training.

Regardless, it's in the team's best interest to have a healthy and effective Osuna. He's a solid relief pitcher and, along with Luis Ayala will form an extremely effective bridge to Chad Cordero in the ninth.


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