Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Prediction Time!

Let's see...

Rangers over Rays in 4. The Rays feel like the better team, but given how often they're no-hit or shut-out, Don Larsen better be on standby.

Twins over Yankees in 4. If Sabathia loses Game 1, it'll be a short series. (Unless he doesn't, or unless it's not)

Phillies over Reds in 5. If I'm reading Phillies blogs and twits right, the Phillies are already defending the 2010 WS crown. I can't see the Reds rolling over... they don't have the pitching, but if the Cuban Strasburg gets in as often as he should...

Giants over Braves in 4. I'm rooting for the ol' wife beater. But I'm not seeing it this year.


Twins over Rangers in 5 in the All-Senators LCS.

Giants over Phillies in 7. Pat Burrell, LCS MVP.

World Series:

Twins over Giants in 5. Walleye on a stick for everyone.


I had Twins/Dodgers at the beginning of the year. Somehow, I didn't contemplate the Dodgers putting the worst defensive team of all-time out there. Kemp's a butcher. Manny? Ick. Jamie Carroll at short? Really??? Even the Nats figured out that wouldn't work five years ago.

Here are my predictions from earlier the year. Like everyone, I whiffed on SD and TOR. I figured BOS would sneak in ahead of TB, otherwise I did ok with playoff teams. And once again I overestimated a Manny Acta team. When will I learn?

Side note: When did the Astros get good? Not that they were good, but weren't they like at a .230 winning percentage through like August?

I didn't do haikus earlier this year, so here goes:

Walleye on a stick
turns into a Popsicle
during Fall Classic


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