Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Reviews Are In

How does the general stathead public view the stadium and the prices?

After looking at the transportation and the ticket prices for this new stadium, I can only hope that the Nats get good and the economy picks up, and real fast in both cases. This stadium seems positively designed to repel fans below a certain income level, and as many other cities have discovered, that tends to work only when your team is a fairly consistent contender.

I just looked at the seating and pricing for this park, wow! Now I spend more than I'd like for 20 games at Miller Park, and I know it isn't cheap, but it sure is compared to this. "Scoreboard Pavilion" $27-$29 bucks for a single game. That's a second level right field seat, several feet beyond the right field wall, below this million dollar scoreboard.

Yeah, those are pricey seats...And nuthin' beats Tuesday upper deck seats behind homeplate for $8 at the Yard.

Like most things DC, this place is going to end up a boondoggle. What are people supposed to do? Go to the ballgame from work on the Metro and then ride back to their office afterwards to pick up their cars? And THEN drive home?

And don't forget to take a mask for days games to keep out the clouds of dust from the concrete company next door.

And the ticket prices? No surprises there; ballparks, especially one in DC, aren't built with the average fan in mind.

The new park has one of the weirdest pricing schemes I think I have ever seen.

There *is* value in the top deck - seats in the infield cost $18, and then seats towards the outfield are $10 and the seats beyond that are just $5. Those $5 seats don't even look like bad seats, so they're definitely among the best value for money seats in MLB.

But section 101-106 are glorified bleacher seats and they're charging $35 for those seats. Outfield seats are terrible - that's why bleachers are supposed the cheapest seats in the park. Just because you put down seats instead of benches doesn't mean you can sell them for $35.

I suppose it may not matter because a lot of these seats will be bought on corporate expense accounts, but once new park shine wears off, they'll have to alter their pricing structure quite a bit to get people to pay $40 to buy bad seats.

It's a hit!

Question of the day: Had the Lerners not ponied up a few bucks for this -- one of their few contributions to the stadium that the general public can appreciate -- would there have been a press conference to show it off?


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