Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pointless Trivia

Warning: Pointless stats lay (lie?) ahead!

I'm zipping through the Bill James Online stat categories... lots of pointless, random stats. lots of meaningful, random stats. So let's see how closely you were paying attention.

  • Ryan Zimmerman drove in 16 different runners last season, but he drove in himself the most.

  • Dmitri Young had as many RBI triples (1) as RBI groundouts (1).

  • The team had a .284 on-base percentage in losses.

  • The team was outhomered by 64 in losses.

  • Felipe Lopez led the team with 17 RBI in 'clutch' situations.

  • Austin Kearns batted .170 in those same situations.

  • Ryan Zimmerman rose up to a .327/ .393/ .490.

  • The team was 7-1 in the 8 games that Micah Bowie started.

  • They went 6-10 in Shawn Hill's starts.

  • The Nats won 7 and lost 4 when Hanrahan threw the first pitch.

  • The Nats had a leadoff batter reach base safely in an inning six times in a game in four different games. They only went 2-2.

  • 50 of the Nats 162 starting pitchers had terrible outings, with a game score below 40. They went 10-40 in those starts.

  • When the game score for the SP was 60 or above, the team's record was 19-14.

  • The Nats most frequent runs scored total is 2 and 3 runs. They were 12-42 in those games.

  • When they scored 6 or more, they were 41-8.

  • They won one of their 10 games in which they allowed 10 runs.

  • When they held the other team to 4 or under, they went 56-29.

  • Other than the pitcher's slot, Nats lead-off hitters had the lowest combined On-base percentage.

  • The Nats had the fewest games started by their original five SP (81) than any team in the league; they were one of only two teams under 100.

  • Alright... that's enough for now!


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